Proactive Maintenance Programs

Alliance Mechanical's Proactive Maintenance programs provide for service intervals every three, four, six, and 12 months. The frequency of your service is determined by a number of factors including the type of industry the business operates in, such as healthcare or manufacturing; environmental influences, such as pollen count and airborne contaminants; equipment filtration systems; facility hours of operation; and budgetary constraints. A further benefit is that scheduling of this service now becomes the responsibility of Alliance Mechanical. By taking this task out of the building owner's or facility manager's hands, productivity is increased, which allows these individuals to focus on more important matters.

Benefits of a proactive maintenance program:

  • Save money through reduced service call backs
  • Receive accurate forecasts of equipment life cycles to reduce downtime or to support future capital expenditures
  • Receive a high level of consistent, professional service throughout the PM agreement
  • Consistent maintenance reduces service calls and callbacks, leading to reduced service expenses
  • Minimize equipment downtime due to failure, because when problems are found early, larger issues can be prevented
  • Maximize equipment life cycles through consistent, long-term maintenance service and strategic equipment replacement scheduling
  • Promote energy efficiency and cost savings by extending heating and air conditioning equipment life cycles and optimizing operational efficiency.

Alliance Mechanical proactive maintenance programs include:

  • A choice of maintenance plans, including a customized plan uniquely tailored to your needs
  • A solid partnership with your maintenance department in the service and maintenance of your building’s mechanical systems
  • Scheduling responsibilities are included as a part of Alliance Mechanical’s service program
  • Use of high-quality replacement parts and accessories
  • Preferred customer pricing

Since every plan is custom tailored, the level of proactive service you receive is decided by your individual budget and needs. Alliance Mechanical's maintenance experts will work closely with you to design the most effective strategic program for you, and quickly get you on your way to optimizing your heating and cooling equipment.

To make an appointment for a free proactive maintenance evaluation, contact Alliance Mechanical at 802-864-4000.